Fast&Up Sports Collagen Protein

Flavour Aam Panna Packs 25 Servings
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₹ 1,574.00

Better Joint & Muscle Health with Type 1 Marine Collagen

Collagen from the Sea for Stronger Joints, Bones & Muscles

Fast&Up Sports Collagen has 7g of Ultra-micronized, Type 1 Marine Collagen Peptides that gets absorbed 1.5X faster than other types of Collagen. Enriched with a powerful Recovery Blend which contains Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric Extract & Black Pepper Extract for helping to reduce inflammation and improve your joint & muscle health. Fast&Up Marine Collagen:

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Fast&Up Sports Collagen helps effectively replenish daily     collagen & promotes collagen production in your body
  • Promotes improved strength, mobility & flexibility of joints and helps soothe joint pain
  • Helps develop lean muscle mass & assists with muscle repair and recovery
  • Available in a Tasty Aam Panna flavour, has zero sugar and has high bioavailability

How to Use: Mix 1 Scoop in 200ml water or healthy beverage of your choice. Shake well and Drink

When to Use: Consume it post-workouts

Your body naturally produces less collagen as you get older. You may experience a slowdown in your mid-to-late 20s. Thus, it is vital to replenish your body’s collagen reserves since it plays a crucial role in optimal joint & muscle health. Collagen acts like glue in your body, and it is an essential part of the connective tissues that give your skin, bones, ligaments, and muscles their shape & structure.

Fast&Up Sports Collagen has 7g of Pure Type 1 best Marine Collagen Peptides that are sourced from fish. 90% of the Collagen present in the body is Type 1 Collagen and it plays a major role in giving your joints, bones & muscle the strength they need. It is fortified with Glucosamine & Hyaluronic Acid which promote joint mobility & flexibility and also help with improved muscle protein synthesis. It contains 80mg of Vitamin C which boosts your body’s rate of natural collagen production. Available in a jar of 25 Servings, Fast&Up Marine Collagen powder has zero sugar and is offered in a mouth-watering Aam Panna flavor.


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